Wednesday 17th June 2020

Here at the RAF Families Federation, we have been reviewing how we use our social media to communicate with you.  We want to make sure that we are getting the right information, advice and a spot of entertainment too, to the right people at the right time. As a result we’ve made some changes and wanted to let you know about them.   


As well as our main RAF Families Federation Facebook page @RAFFamFed we offer the following: 

RAF Families Forum  

This was previously the RAF Families Federation Group, which was a public group open to all.   

We are changing this group to make it a closed group for RAF Serving personnel (including FTRS) and their immediate families.  We hope the group will become more of an informative and mutually supportive forum for us to pass on news and information and for you to support each other with your own experiences and advice. The Forum will be moderated by our Policy team who will also post the latest information on education, health, accommodation and other issues relevant to you, and join in the discussions.  Those wanting to join will need to answer a couple of questions about their connection to the RAF.  

collage of images representing the work of the RAF FF

Other RAF Families Federation Facebook groups: 

  • RAF Families Group – a closed group for parents and families of serving RAF Personnel.  
  • RAF Dispersed Families – a supportive and friendly closed group specifically for those families dispersed from Units and Stations, including those living overseas. 

Further private groups that exist and to which we have an input are: 


You can also follow the Families Federation on Twitter @RAF_FF and/or follow some of our individual staff accounts if you have a particular interest in a specialist area of our work: 

Instagram and LinkedIn: 

Keeping in touch

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