Armed Forces and Veterans Recognition Scheme

Monday 27th November 2023

Armed Forces families and Veterans healthcare needs resulting from military service recognised by new GP scheme in Scotland.

A new initiative is being rolled out in Scotland, which aims to improve medical services for Armed Forces families and veteran. The General Practice Armed Forces and Veterans Recognition Scheme aims to raise awareness among General Practice of some of the health challenges that Armed Forces Families and veterans face as a result of military life to improve person centred outcomes and care for the Armed Forces community. The scheme will also advise on how to use the Armed Forces Covenant most effectively in order to remove disadvantage for Service families as a result of the mobile nature of their lives.

How to utilise the scheme

Next time you visit your GP, tell them if you or a member of your family have served so that they can amend your medical notes to indicate that you are and Armed Forces family member. It may not seem important, but if your GP knows this information then they may be better able to use the Armed Forces Covenant to support you, access treatment in a timely manner or provide advice on organisations that may be able to support you, should require it.

Information for Service personnel and families in Scotland

Welcome to Scotland Welcome to Scotland: a guide for Service personnel and their families ( is a comprehensive guide to support Service personnel and their families when moving to Scotland. It includes useful information on healthcare options, education, employment and housing together with key information on what to expect when moving to Scotland.

Image source: @RCGP Scotland

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