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Friday 2nd July 2021

There are two education grant schemes currently available within the Women’s Section of the RBL: The Children’s Welfare Scheme and the President’s Award Scheme.

The Children’s Welfare Scheme

This scheme offers grants up to a maximum of £500 per household and is for children who need essential items – aimed to support families and single parents who are suffering financial hardship or in times of need.

The President’s Award Scheme

This scheme offers two separate educational bursaries for eligible beneficiaries: Educational Scholarships and Educational Grants. 

The Educational Grant

is aimed at assisting with one off costs linked to Education for current and former service personnel, their spouses/partners and dependents (Children under 18, or in full-time education, or medically dependent). To help understand the types of things that fall with in this Grant type, the list on the RBL website will share previous items that the Committee have awarded previously.

Accommodation Scholarship Grants

This type of Grant is to assist with someone’s first degree only and is to be used towards Accommodation Costs whilst away at University. Those that can apply are dependents of current and former service personnel aged 21 years old or under (for initial applications).

The awards are decided by committee who will look at the individual circumstances of each applicant. The Committee meets tri-annually in January, July, and September.  Applications should be submitted by the 15th of the month before the committee meet. Full information on the awards and application process can be found on RBL – Women’s Section grants (britishlegion.org.uk).

Other funding stream options

Forces Families Jobs also has a useful page which offers signposting to different funding opportunities if your needs don’t fit within the criteria here.

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