Global Support Organisation Location Guides

Monday 25th March 2024

The Global Support Organisation (GSO) European location guides to be made available on GOV.UK in a move to better utilise existing technology in order to aid communication and the delivery of support. 

What is the Global Support Organisation?

The Global Support Organisation (GSO) supports and enables Ministry of Defence (MOD) personnel and UK Defence activity overseas. The GSO provides non-operational support to around 5,000 MOD personnel and families on permanent assignments overseas, in addition to supporting UK Defence activity.

What information is available in the GSO location guides?

This Global Support Organisation location guides are useful for personnel and family members considering an overseas assignment. They provide information on:

  • accommodation
  • education
  • finances and banking
  • healthcare
  • pets
  • shopping and activities
  • useful contacts
  • vehicle registration and travel
  • welcome guides
  • national support element
  • arrivals

Available guides

These location specific guides were formerly available on EJSU.NET. It is key that these guides remain external and accessible to all, and so these guides have moved to the GSO’s GOV.UK page . As further guides are migrated, they will appear here and will be removed from EJSU.NET.

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