Monday 30th November 2020

‘Coming out’ is a daunting experience for LGBT+ people, and it’s never a one-time event. It’s important that parents recognise this and are prepared to support their children throughout, and also know where to go for support themselves.

Resources for Parents of LGBT+ Children

The Ministry of Defence’s LGBT network, along with allies across Defence, has produced a guide for parents of LGBT+ children. The guide provides advice to parents of LGBT+ children who are part of the Armed Forces community and includes case studies of individuals working in the military or as civil servants.

In an interview with RAF by Cpl Emily Jones, from the Diverse Families Team, in the Winter Edition of Envoy, we discovered the Diverse Families Team is working on a project in collaboration with the Navy and the Army to produce a Tri-Service LGBT+ Parenting Handbook. Watch this space!

Further resources for parents of LGBT+ children

In the MOD guide, there is a list of resources available to provide advice and support to parents. In addition to these resources, we would also recommend:

The Diverse Families Team

The Diverse Families Team is part of the larger RAF Freedom Network and is there to provide support to LGBT+ personnel and their families. You can reach them on:

Twitter: @raf_lgbt
Facebook: @lgbtforum
Email: [email protected]

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