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Tuesday 22nd December 2020

Ever feel that you need a boost to your mood, drive and/or confidence? If you answered yes to any of those, or these feelings creep on over the festive break, have a look at HeadFIT.

The HeadFIT website is designed specifically for you in the Defence community, providing 24/7 access to self-help tools that can enhance how you feel, and help manage the stresses of everyday life.

The platform has a range of tools, including, breathing exercises, body posture and relaxation techniques that have been designed for everyone across Defence, whether you are: a new recruit, long-serving personnel, a veteran, civilian staff, serving in uniform or part of the RAF Family. The techniques are designed so they can be easily integrated into everyday lives.

HeadFIT has been developed in partnership with The Royal Foundation’s Heads Together campaign, the Ministry of Defence, Kings College London, with clinical advice from Dr Vanessa Moulton, and has been spearheaded by The Duke of Sussex.

Image cropped off the HeadFIT website showing a woman looking through glasses with the quote, "Stop, challenge, change" with it.

Learn to check in with yourself and get into the habit of using the tools that are right for you.

What’s your mental fitness goal?

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