12 September 2017Service Dogs UK share their latest news

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From coverage on national TV to a warm welcome to two more Assistance Dog partnerships. There's also an invaluable new mentor partnership in Mark and his Assistance Dog, Jerry who have also become a core part of the team. Find out too just how you could get involved with a spot of dog training!

These stories below include the experiences of those who have served in the Army but applicants are welcome from all three Services in the Armed Forces as well as the Emergency Services, Coastguard and RNLI for those living in West Sussex, Surrey or East and North Hampshire. 

Service Dogs UK are looking for veterans wishing to take part in the Assistance Dog programme.

Channel 4 Shares how Service Dogs UK has helped Shaun

The clip on Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special featured Shaun and his assistance dog in training Cassie (story image).

It was a moving piece and it made the team realise how far Shaun and Dogs Trust girl Cassie have come, how special their bond is.

Thank you to Shaun in particular for sharing an insight into his PTSD and life currently through his interview with Kate Quilton for Channel 4. 


Two more Assistance Dog Partnerships

After months of hard work, over 240 hours of training Steve and Benny and Terry and Bella (above) have a lot to be proud of - they graduated last month and what an achievement for them all!

Steve, an Army veteran, was partnered last year with Benny - a rescue dog from Dogs Trust and at times a playful little monkey but together they have really made an amazing turn around to become a succesfull and skilled Assistance Dog team.

Terry, also an Army veteran, was partnered with Bella, also a Dogs Trust rescue, who never leaves Terrys side. She is incredibly in tune with him and together they are already conquering a new world that has opened up for them and helping SDUK spread the word.

A big thanks should be given to all those that made this come true; the trainers, fosters and all the volunteers!  


Mark and Jerry

From client to mentor!

Last year around this time Service Dogs UK announced the graduation of Assistance Dog Team Mark and Jerry, since then Mark has become invaluable to the newer veterans on the programme through taking the opportunity to join the charity's Veteran Mentoring Programme.

He boosts and inspires the newer veteran's morale by showing them that it can be done and it is possible.  He helps with training which is great for Jerry, his PTSD Assistance Dog, because he absolutely loves his training! Mark, while mentoring, is also learning just about everything there is to know about dogs and dog training.


Fancy being a Volunteer Dog Trainer?

There are an amazing team of professional dog trainers for this organisation and they are currently looking to expand this. We are on the look out for Volunteer Dog Trainers to join our lovely team of committed and passionate people. 

What you’ll need:

  • Experience of working with/training (rescue) dogs in a class and/or one to one setting (behavioural consulting).
  • be based in Hampshire, Sussex or Surrey
  • Commitment to force free & postive reward based training
  • Knowledge of dog care and welfare issues
  • Initiative and a positive attitude
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Good computer skills
  • Ability to co-ordinate a number of tasks
  • Flexibility in working hours
  • Your own car and driving license
  • Desired is experience of working with people with disability or having an understanding of disability.
To find out more or register in becoming a volunter please go online, or contact judith@servicedogsuk.org sharing your contact details, dog training experience, employment/volunteering history, education & courses, any qualifications, skills and interests.

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