Health, wellbeing and additional needs

Monday 22nd February 2021

“The greatest wealth is health”

Did you know we provide free and confidential advice and support on all things health related – health, wellbeing and additional needs?

At the RAF Families Federation, we understand health is a priority for most of you (particularly in the context of a global pandemic). We have a dedicated health section on our website and a Policy Advisor specialising in health and additional needs. This means we can provide guidance and support for all areas of your life, both at home and at work, worldwide.

We want to highlight to you what is out there for you as part of the ‘RAF Family’ – there is so much available for you, however quite often these great resources are unknown or forgotten. So, throughout February and March we will be sharing information, tips and signposting organisations focused on health, wellbeing and additional needs. We’ll also explain how we can help you with any issues or concerns you have in these areas, as Service personnel or family member.

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Health, wellbeing and additional needs month

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Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

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