Dental care

Finding a new dentist

For information about how to find an NHS dentist families should visit NHS Choices which lists local services and practices which are accepting new patients.

At times some areas experience pressure on local dentist services which may limit opportunities to register as a new patient. Contact us if you are experiencing difficulties in accessing local dentist practices after moving, we may be able to assist.

Treatment for patients who are not registered

If you are not registered with a dentist and require dental treatment, a Dental Access Centre may be able to assist though access and availability for treatment is limited.

For more information search online for “Dental Access Centres” and your location to find your nearest centre.

Treatment for patients with special needs

Patients with special needs such as mental or physical health problems or disabilities which prevent them visiting the dental practice may be referred to a special dentist service usually known as Community Dental Services. The Oral Health Foundation can also offer advice about dental care for people with special needs

NHS Orthodontic transfer information for those in the armed forces and their families

The NHS have provided some guidance for when patients request an orthodontic case transfer either within the UK or from abroad.

More information on dental care

The Oral Health Foundation (formerly known as the Dental Health Foundation) offer free and impartial advice on any oral health issue including information about NHS charges and treatments.

Still need help?

Contact the RAF FF where the team can help advise you with any issues that may arise.