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Thursday 23rd September 2021

Applying for Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA), after being on an Overseas Assignment with your Serving partner, can be extremely challenging. Here’s how the RAF Families Federation helped one partner rightfully claim what was due to her by working collaboratively with other organisations; in this case the RAF Benevolent Fund.

This case consisted of an RAF Serviceman, Mr Maughan who approached the Outreach and Support Team on behalf of his wife. He explained the routes they had already taken after their Overseas Assignment in applying for JSA. Despite following the required process, their application was rejected in being awarded Class One National Insurance Credits.

RAF FF Outreach and Support Team member, Ken Wood contacted the RAF Benevolent Fund’s Benefits Advisory Team who agreed to take on and appeal against the decision.


The Fund’s Senior Benefits Executive, Laura Austin-Pugh obtained the relevant evidence in setting out the correct law to show that both the Department for Work and Pensions, and the judge in this case, had erred in law by not applying the military-specific exception to the General Welfare Benefit Rules.

These exceptions are note well known by the DWP or local councils so it is always advised to seek advice and support if any difficulties are experienced.

This two-minute clip shows the steps that were taken including comments from Mr Maughan:

Contacting the RAF FF

All service personnel and their family members can contact the RAF FF confidentially and independently when they experience any issue or concern connected to life in the RAF – wherever they are in the world. If you feel you have an issue to discuss, you can contact the team online in the first instance.

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