Higher and Further Education funding

Friday 6th May 2022

There are considerable differences in the funding arrangements for higher education found in different parts of the United Kingdom. This may mean that while a service family may be living in one of the home locations at the time of application for student finance, it does not necessarily mean they will automatically benefit from the student finance arrangements associated with that area.

The RAF Families Federation (RAFFF) is aware that some Service families have encountered challenges applying for funding for further/higher education and have engaged with the Armed Forces Covenant Team on this matter.

The Armed Forces Covenant Team are keen to learn more about the experiences of Armed Forces families and have created a survey for Service families to share their experiences of applying for higher and/or further education funding. The Armed Forces Covenant Team are particularly interested in hearing from families who have applied for funding across devolved borders – for example, Service children who have applied for university in a different devolved administration from the one in which they live; or Service partners who have been posted with their partner to a different devolved administration and have then sought to apply for further education funding in that new administration.

If you are from a Service family and have experience of applying for higher and/or further education funding and are interested in participating in this survey, visit Higher and Further Education funding for Service families — 2022 Survey (office.com) for an opportunity to share your experience anonymously.

This survey will close on 30 June 2022 and responses will be used to help inform the Armed Forces Covenant Team of how well the current funding system for Service families is working.

If you have questions or need support relating to further and higher education, contact the RAFFF and ‘Report an Issue’.

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