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Thursday 23rd March 2023

New resource to help Early Years educators, managers and practitioners to better understand children from an Armed Forces background, developed by Military Liaison Group (MLG) Education and Dr James McTaggart for Highland Council.

The new resource sets out to create a wider awareness and understanding about being a child or young person from an Armed Forces family and how best to provide support. It includes learning opportunities and information on how to support Service children and young people from Armed Forces families in schools, early learning and childcare settings:

  • Key messages
  • Emotional cycles of deployment
  • Understanding children from Armed Forces families
  • School office staff awareness training
  • MLG Toolbox of Support
  • Useful terms
  • Positive relationships framework

Access the resources by visiting the Learning and Knowledge Hub >

Armed Forces families

Armed Forces families face unique challenges that may, at times, impact on the wellbeing of their children and young people, for example, high mobility, parental absence and deployment. It is beneficial to identify the need at enrolment so the right support can be provided to the child at the right time, if and when needed.

Dr James McTaggart comments:

“What is it like being a young child from an Armed Forces family? One where your mum or dad, or an older brother or sister, might be serving, a reservist or a veteran? You’ve certainly learned a lot of things already in life – how to manage what seem like sudden partings, long times without them, wondering how they are. Or moving from place to place, each one fine but slightly different to the last. What might you want from your Early Learning and Childcare setting? Of course it is the small things that make the difference, the listening the understanding, working with families and children. this new resource for early years will tell you what it is like and how to help, as well as the wealth of learning Armed Forces families can bring to a setting. It is one in ten families in the country so well worth finding out.”

About MLG Education

The Military Liaison Group (Education), often referred to as “The MLG”, is a Highland partnership that is committed to ensure that all children and young people from Armed Forces families thrive in Highland and suffer no disadvantage in their education due to being from a military family whether Serving, Reservist or Veteran:

  • Helping families navigate and understand the Scottish Education system, year groups and Enrolment process to enable a smooth transition into Highland.
  • Getting the right information to you promptly to support your enquiry or signposting you directly to the person that can help.
  • Provide resources and training to educationalists and practitioners to support and promote awareness and understanding of being from an Armed Forces Family and the challenges around interrupted education, mobility, deployment and separation.

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