Making a Complaint

If you are unhappy with the service CarillionAmey has provided then please don't stay disgruntled - let them know. Here's a downloadable complaints poster that shows the three stages to follow, starting at CarillionAmey, then the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and if still not satisfied - Stage three, which is the MOD's Independent Housing Review Panel.

...and then let us know too, so we can record the evidence for longer term influence on change.

Other ways to contact CarillionAmey.

Ensure You Are Given a Reference Number

If you do make a complaint to CarillionAmey, make sure that you request a Customer Reference Number. Take a note of this number as you will need to refer to it during each stage in the process. It may also help enormously later on if you have made notes of who you have contacted and when, if you have names of those you have spoken to then so much the better.

A General Guide

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) also issue a useful general guide on Complaints

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