Moving out of SFA

Your Responsibilities

As the licencee you are responsible for notifying CarillionAmey (CA) that you will be vacating your property. In accordance with the JSP464, you are to inform CA within 14 days of receiving your Assignment Order. Your move-out will be managed by CA Occupancy Services.

Handing Over the Property

The process includes the mandatory Pre-Move out inspection and handover of the property. You will be expected to leave the property in a condition which meets the Move-Out standard, which is essentially the same as the Move-In standard.

To help in the process CarillionAmey have published a Moving out step-by-step guide.


Please note that you may be charged for any repairs that arise from damage not considered to be fair wear and tear. More information on the move-out procedures can be found on the DIO pages.

Moving out of SFA

You can find a useful guide on how to make this as stress-free as possible in the Your guide to living in Service Family Accommodation on the CarillionAmey website.


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