Irregular Occupancy

What is Irregular Occupancy?

You become an Irregular Occupant when you remain in Service Family Accommodation (SFA) beyond your entitlement. This may occur for one of several reasons and not necessarily through any fault of your own.

The Licence Holder

Only one person can hold the Licence to Occupy a SFA. It is the Service person in the family or if both husband and wife are serving it will be one or other, normally the one whose parent unit the quarter is at.

Reasons for Becoming an Irregular Occupant

Service Person Leaves the RAF

On leaving the Service entitlement to SFA ceases on the last day of Service any length of occupancy beyond this is Irregular.

Breakdown of Marriage

If breakdown of marriage occurs there is a period of 'cooling off' but once the marital category of the serving person changes from 'married' to 'separated' then a process of 'Notice to Vacate' kicks in for the person remaining in the quarter, whether that is the serving member or the non-serving person.

See also Section 'Where do I Go from Here'

Further information on Loss of Entitlement is on the GOV website.

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