Tuesday 1st September 2020

This month and next we are focusing our attention to topics related to housing and accommodation. Over the course of September and October we will share information to help answer the most common housing questions, tips and advice that might be useful.

Currently, 52% of the issues raised with the RAF Families Federation are related to housing and accommodation. In-house we have two resident housing experts to help you step through resolving your accommodation issues:

Stan Braithwaite, Evidence Assistant

Stan was in the RAF for 38 years and experienced accommodation challenges first hand. “In a 9 year period I moved between five stations, eight married quarters and the associated family disruption before moving into private housing.”

Gregory Timlin, Evidence Assistant

Gregory joined us in 2019. “I am married to a serving RAF Officer and so have personal experience of a lot of the issues that are commonly raised to the Families Federation and I have made use of their support myself.”

RAF FF Evidence Team

Applying for SFA

Often people come to us about the process of applying for SFA. In our accommodation section, we have some useful information of how best to navigate the procedures for applying for SFA – take a look and see how to get started.

Further information on Housing

RAF Accomodation

As well as the Housing and Accommodation section of the website, we also share a weekly roundup in our eBulletin and/ our quarterly Envoy magazine – sign up and keep yourself up to date with the latest information.

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