05 December 2017Future Accommodation Model decisions so far

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FAM is designing how the MOD will provide you with living accommodation over the next 50+ years. Here's a summary of what decisions have been made so far.

In October 2017, the MOD decided to pilot a new way of providing living accommodation to personnel and their families. In particular, the pilot will test:

  • Personnel being supported to rent a home in the private market, alongside existing options of SLA and SFA
  • A widened entitlement beyond those who are married or in civil partnerships, because not all families follow the traditional model.
Additionally, the 2017 budget included a measure that will make any allowances paid under FAM tax free. This will mean that the total tax paid by personnel in SFA and personnel using FAM allowances will be the same. The flyer at the base of this news page can be downloaded for printing etc.
If you have any questions on FAM, please feed them through to us at the Families Federation so we can in turn, feed them in to the FAM team: enquiries@raf-ff.org.uk 

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