SSFA. What is it?

As a brief overview SSFA stands for Substitute Service Family Accommodation and is the fall back position when there is insufficient Service Family Accommodation (SFA) normal quarters, to meet demand.

Houses are found from the commercial rental market by the MOD Accommodation Agency contractor and as far as is possible, will meet the equivalent size and specification of property that broadly reflects the prospective occupant’s equivalent SFA entitlement.  The property will also be located within an appropriate radius of the place of duty. In high cost areas, officers are provided with reduced scale SSFA to compensate for the high cost.

SSFA is an expensive option, costing up to ten times as much as normal SFA. It is therefore not an option offered lightly.  It also drains the same budget used to provide funding for the improvement and upgrades of the MOD's own housing stock.

To read more about the SSFA rules and regulations on the Defence Infrastructure Organisation pages Part 1 UK, Part 2 Overseas or Part 3 SLA Click here

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