Where Do I Go from Here?

Moving On

If you are faced with Iregular Occupancy and you have to move on The Joint Service Housing Advice Office (JSHAO) has produced an excellent guide to the procedures that need to be followed if you are living in a Service Family Accommodation (SFA) and become an irregular occupant, or if you need immediate help because you need rehousing. To go to the JSHAO pages on the Gov website Click here

Housing options in Scotland - Military Matters Project

Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen Families Association (SSAFA) have two Stepping Stones Homes in North West London and Tyne & Wear which are suitable for families who have undergone distressing separations where close help and support is needed and can be a useful temporary base. The homes take mothers and children and in some circumstances, wives on their own. Applications should be made through the Welfare Authorities to SSAFA. More information can be found on the SSAFA website.

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