Your guide to living in Service Family Accommodation

CarillionAmey has published a useful guides on the subject of Living in Service Family Accommodation. There are also other guides and handy hints and tips available too within the same section.

Contact CarillionAmey: includes where to find Local Customer Service Centres.

Problems with your SFA

If you are experiencing housing problems and not satisfied with the service you feel you should receive through the normal channels, please report an issue with us online to investigate for you or call the office on 01780 781650. The team normally respond within 24 working hours. Watch Tracey's story below on issues with her SFA.

Single Living Accommodation (SLA)

The rules and regulations on SLA and SSLA and associated application forms are available online

Housing Policy for Serving Personnel

If you want to know more about the formal MOD Housing Policy for Serving Personnel, please go to Joint Service Publication (JSP) 464 on the DIO pages.

You may also be interested to know that the Defence Estates published their Defence Accommodation Managment Strategy (Sept '09) for the next ten years. It is quite a bulky document but contains some interesting sections. The full document is here.


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The RAF FF: A housing story

If you have a Service housing issue, here's Tracey's story on how the RAF Families Federation can help and advise you.

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