Amey’s digital channels improve service for the UK’s Armed Forces during the COVID-19 crisis

amey digital service

Since the Covid-19 Amey has seen an increase in the use of it’s digital services, boosting customer satisfaction levels.

In 2017 Amey introduced new digital communication channels for customers, acknowledging it’s not always possible to make a telephone call to their customer service centre. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the customer uptake of Amey’s digital channels increased from 10% to over 50% and they are delighted Service personnel and their families are able to benefit from this service.

With an already solid foundation built by Amey’s specialist Digital Agents, a seamless transition from telephony being the prominent channel to the digital service took place. Additionally, with digital making up over half of the overall channel share, it has improved the ability of key, frontline customer service teams to work more effectively, safely and securely from home whilst continuing to support customers and keep Defence working.

Each department within the customer service centre has access to social media messaging services on Facebook and Twitter as well as SMS text messages. Webchat is also integrated into the website, so customers can make an enquiry and it will be directed to the relevant team. By far the most popular digital service is the online Housing job logging portal. These simple and effective systems offer significant benefits, providing a convenient way to report issues and maintain conversation records.

Running multiple digital channels has enabled Amey to be more flexible, managing workloads and changing priorities to reflect the needs of the customer. Response times across the digital channels are within an hour and there have been no drops in service with the increase in take-up. In fact, service is running as good, if not better than before with customer satisfaction in Housing reaching an all-time high of +61.84 NPS (87% satisfied) and the lowest complaint rate since contract commencement – all achieved with just an 8% reduction in customers contacting the customer service centre.

Stuart Jones, Amey’s Customer Service Director, Defence, said:

“Our customer service team have been working hard during the Covid-19 crisis to meet customer demand for stress-free digital contact, and I’m delighted to see that customer satisfaction has increased during this period. Customers seem to really like using our online systems for logging jobs and using our messaging platforms to chat with our agents, so we’ll continue to do more to further develop these channels for our customers.”

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