Making a complaint

Amey and the DIO are responsible for SFA and are committed to providing a good service for personnel and their families. However, on occasion things can go wrong – so it is important for you to know what to do if a problem arises and where to go if it isn’t resolved satisfactorily.

What to do if you have a problem with your SFA

In this handy infographic, featured in Autumn 2020 edition of Envoy, we highlight the best way to get your SFA issues resolved and what to do if you have a complaint:

RAF FF Guide to SFA Housing Repairs Process

Are you still dissatisfied?

If you are unhappy with the service Amey or the DIO has provided it is important to let them know:

Logging a complaint with Amey

For further information on the three complaints stages to follow Amey have a dedicated page.

Don’t forget to let us know too. This enables us to record the evidence to influence changes.

Other ways to contact Amey.

Ensure you get a Reference Number:

If you do make a complaint to Amey, make sure that you request a Customer Reference Number. Take a note of this number as you will need to refer to it during each stage in the process.

Also consider for your own records:

  • Making note of the date and time you made contact
  • Making a note of the names of the people you spoke with
  • Requesting an email summarising your discussion on the telephone

Logging a complaint with the DIO

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) – usually contacted for Stage 2 complaints – also have a useful guide on how to make a complaint.