Moving out of SFA

Your Responsibilities

As the Licensee you are responsible for notifying Amey that you will be vacating your property. In accordance with the JSP464 – Paragraph 0702, you are to inform Amey within 14 days of receiving your Assignment Order. Your move-out will be managed by Amey Occupancy Services.

Handing Over the Property

The process includes the mandatory Pre-Move out inspection and handover of the property. You will be expected to leave the property in a condition which meets the Move-Out standard, which is essentially the same as the Move-In standard.

To help in the process Amey have a Moving out step-by-step guide.


Please note that you may be charged for any repairs that arise from damage not considered to be fair wear and tear. More information on the move-out procedures can be found on the DIO pages.

Moving out of SFA

You can find a useful guide on how to make this as stress-free as possible in the Your guide to living in Service Family Accommodation on the Amey website.