Moving between SFA’s or out of SFA

When you receive your next assignment order or you are looking to leave SFA you need to contact Pinnacle to book your pre-move out appointment. Details of the appointment and how to book can be found here on the Pinnacle website.

Moving Out process

The first part of your move out, after you have contacted Pinnacle, is the pre-move out appointment – The Housing Officer will and go through the moving out process with you and advise on any actions you need to take to get your home to the expected standard when you hand it back. This is to help you avoid any possible charges being raised at move out. The Housing Officer will also be there on the day you hand back the keys to check through the home with you.

Full details are available here


These may be raised if there is any damage to your home not considered to be simply wear and tear – Fuller details can be found on DIO’s pages here.

Removal services

Agility Logistics Limited (Agility) is the MOD approved service provider for removals and is part of the Global Removal Management Services (GRMS). GRMS are responsible for the co-ordination, movement and storage of PE, and unaccompanied baggage. Contact is to be made through the Agility website as soon as you have an Assignment Order.

On the Agility website there are a number of help articles, including FAQs, Excess Baggage guidance, how to self-pack, etc. To access these document go to the Agility website and select ‘Help’ from menu options at the top of the page.

Agility menu

Information for Service leavers

When you are leaving the Service and moving to alternative accommodation you must notify DIO’s Loss of Entitlement Team and you will be sent your Notice to Vacate (NTV) (your notice period will depend on the circumstances of your leaving but is generally 93 days). Official guidance can be found on the GOV website.

It is possible to ask for an extension to remain in your SFA, where there is good availability, although you will be charged market rate for the property and it will normally be for a maximum of 6 months.  For any queries or issues contact DIO Loss of Entitlement team on 01904 418000 (Military 94510 8000) or email [email protected]