Surplus SFA – Long term relationships

April ’19 saw a new policy introduced to allow couples in long-term relationships, including same sex couples, to live together in surplus Service Family Accommodation (SFA), where it is available. Previously only married couples, those in civil partnerships, and those with legally dependent children could live in SFA.


  • Aged 18 or over, have completed Phase 1 training and be serving on a regular engagement with the UK Armed Forces, or be a Full Commitment (FC) Reservist as defined in single Service instructions.
  • Have been in a established Long-Term Relationship of greater than 365 days which is recognised by Defence and recorded on the Service person’s JPA record as a LTR(E).

To apply for surplus SFA, please contact Amey on 0800 707 6000 option 3 to check if surplus is available in the required area, and then apply via the e1132 on DII.

Further information

The RAF FF has two military accommodation experts within its team and if you have any queries regarding this new process you can contact them through an online form or by telephoning the team on 01780 781650.