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Monday 21st February 2022

Want to know how the RAF Families Federation has been helping individuals and some of the common themes that have arisen in the health sector? Here’s an update from our Health and Additional Needs Policy Advisor, Claire Willsher.

In the past few months the RAF Families Federation has seen a huge rise in health issues reported to us:

  • Helped people gain access to dentistry
  • Assisted people in getting continuity of healthcare from one posting to the next with a smooth transition of medical notes and referrals
  • Signposted individuals to Mental Health support
  • Provided information surrounding assisted conception and the military IVF pathway

How we help - Health

Prevention is better than cure

When it comes to resolving problems we are aware it is much better to prevent them occurring in the first place. With this in mind we have taken the common health issue themes and escalated them in the following areas:

  • Regularly speak with the NHS England and Improvement to help shape new ways of working
  • Talking to policy creators in the Department of Health and Ministry of Defence concerning problems with dentistry access
  • Meeting with the health champion in the Scottish Grampian region to help iron out issues arising across the devolved nations

This is all well and good raising the problems to the policy makers but what does this actually mean for Service personnel, families and Reservists?

We are working hard to help ensure:

  • People within the NHS and other organsisations are aware of the additional difficulties for Service personnel and their families face when it comes to being mobile – and having access to timely and appropriate healthcare.
  • People within the RAF have a clear understanding of what services are available and manage individual’s expectations with regards to their health and wellbeing.

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For more information, or to resolve an issue please get in touch with us at RAF Families Federation using our encrypted online form in the first instance.

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