Head and shoulders image of Sir Michael Morpurgo.

Tuesday 20th August 2019

If you have read the book, or watched the film or show – The War Horse – you might like this piece. The Forces Network shares how the Army shaped Sir Michael Morpurgo’s writing.

Writer Sir Michael Morpurgo has never been far from the hardships and heartbreak war can bring – having spent time in the Army and growing up in a post-war England. 

The author of War Horse and countless other children’s best-sellers, whose latest involvement with the military community has been championing the athletes taking part in the Invictus UK Trials in Sheffield, has told of his own experiences while serving in the Armed Forces and the influence this has had on his life and career.

Speaking to Forces Network, he said: 

“It was the best time of my life for making friends, it was the worst time of my life for people shouting at me,”

Read the full story on the Forces Network.

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