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Thursday 26th March 2020

Playground Restrictions

The updated Government guidance on the closure of business and premises, aimed at slowing down the spread of Covid-19, has implications for playgrounds on the SFA estate. To comply with this guidance, we are taking steps to stop entry to all fenced playgrounds maintained by Amey. We understand this will be very difficult for families with small children but for everyone’s safety, we shall start closing and locking these playgrounds as quickly as possible. For those unfenced playgrounds within the estate, Service personnel and their families are asked to support fully the Government’s guidance in this matter and to stop using the playgrounds to reduce further the risk of the virus spreading.

Covid-19 Update – controlling the spread of Covid-19, and protecting the health of Service families and DIO and Amey staff

In the continuing UK interests of controlling the spread of Covid-19, and to protect the health of Service families and DIO and Amey staff, once a property has been recorded as ‘self-isolating’ it will be categorised as such for a minimum of 17 days from the point of notification/recording. At the end of this period, Amey will contact the occupants to seek confirmation it is safe to enter the property. This clarifies earlier advice and will be introduced immediately.

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