Inside Air

Friday 28th January 2022

InsideAIR launched in January 2021 and there are currently 30 fascinating podcasts which are all available online.

About InsideAIR

Ever wanted to know how satellites can sense danger, or why chaplains carry bags of sweets in the desert? You can find out how and why in these podcasts about life in the Royal Air Force. InsideAIR aims to give a ‘behind the wire’ view of the RAF, its people, technology and operations. 

How to listen to InsideAIR

InsideAIR can be downloaded on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and other podcast apps.

Listen and subscribe by searching ‘InsideAIR’ on your favourite podcast app or via the InsideAIR website.

Ep 30: Robot Cars
Ep 29: Top Ten InsideAIR Episodes
Ep 28: Life as an RAF Musician
Ep 27: Op FORTIS Carrier Strike Group Returns
Ep 26: Exercise MAGIC CARPET
Ep 25: To the Stars – Social Mobility and CAS Fellowship
Ep 24: Goodbye to E-3D Sentry AWACS
Ep 23: Astra Tech Exposure Day Spotlight
Ep 22: Gripping Mobile Tech with Appivate
Ep 21: En Garde
Ep 20: Military Working Dogs
Ep 19: Enhanced Air Policing on Op BILOXI
Ep 18: RAF Elite and High Performing Athletes
Ep 17: UK Military Flying Training System
Ep 16: Middle East Operations with 83 Expeditionary Air Group
Ep 15: Helicopter Pilot Training and Earning Those Wings
Ep 14: RAF Reserves – Reality and Future
Ep 13: RPAS (not Drones) and the Humans Behind the System
Ep 12: Exercise Rehabilitation – Injury Recovery and Return to Fitness
Ep 11: Law of Armed Conflict in Space and Cyber
Ep 10: Living with a Disability in Uniform
Ep 09: 55 Years of UKMAMS
Ep 08: Covid Testing Duty with RAF Reserves
Ep 07: Overcoming Isolation with Esports
Ep 06: RAF in 2040 – Fact From Fiction
Ep 05: Inside RAF Apprenticeships
Ep 04: Evolution of Fast Jet Ground Attack
Ep 03: Spiritual Resilience on Ops
Ep 02: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in C4ISR
Ep 01: On Guard in Space

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