Monday 1st November 2021

A new tri-Service dedicated HIVE to support those moving overseas, currently Serving overseas, or making plans for a move to another location anywhere in the world.

Moving overseas to a new location can be challenging. Understanding about where you might be heading to is key to ensuring that Service personnel and their families make informed choices, settle easily, and ultimately get the support they need while overseas.

The need for up-to-date and relevant information will be at the forefront of any plans to undertake an overseas posting. It may also influence where you go or indeed if a location is the right choice and suitable for you and your partner/family.

iHIVE is a remote access virtual HIVE providing a one-stop-shop for information on all overseas locations for Navy, Army or RAF personnel. There are currently three key strands to iHIVE and what it offers to the Services’ overseas cohort:

Overseas Location Guides (OLG)

A comprehensive information guide regarding a single location. Providing fully researched information on a range of topics including education, accommodation, welfare, employment and local information. Every OLG contains the latest details of policies that apply, useful contacts and further information. These are available online and are regularly maintained to ensure that the content is up to date.

iHIVE Blog

An online open access web-based blog providing information across a range of topics relevant to those overseas. The OLGs are also available on the iHIVE blog to view or download. Updated daily, the iHIVE Blog has a ‘follow by email’ facility enabling easy notification of the latest news from across MOD and stakeholders, specifically relevant to those overseas.

HIVE Information Support Officer (HISO)

Although iHIVE is a virtual service, it is manned by a dedicated HISO who is available to answer enquiries from overseas customers, or those planning to move overseas. This service is accessible via email or telephone.

In addition to the iHIVE support, HIVE currently has HIVE Information Centres located in several overseas locations including, British Forces Cyprus, Sennelager, SHAPE, Brunssum, Naples, Gibraltar and Brunei. Unlike the virtual iHIVE service, these HIVEs are open to visitors in person, and they also provide local HIVE Blogs, information sheets, respond to enquiries and more.

So, regardless of where you are or where you might be heading to, there is HIVE support available to all.

To access full contact details, downloadable OLGs and all the latest information relevant to overseas visit, IHive Information

You can also contact your nearest HIVE by visiting, Army HIVE

Army HIVE operate tri-Service provision working closely with all three Services in the support of Service personnel and their families, wherever you are.

See also: Overseas Location Information

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