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April is designated as the Month of the Military Child and during the month, we will be sharing highlights about the important role Service children play in the Armed Forces community. It is a time to recognise Armed Forces families and their children for the daily sacrifices they make and the challenges they overcome. Read on to find out how you can get involved with a project being run by the MOD and the charity Never Such Innocence. 

Did you know the official flower of the military child is the dandelion?

Dandelions are hardy plants which put down strong roots almost anywhere the wind carries them. It’s a survivor and blooms in a broad range of climates. 

Military children may bloom wherever the wind takes them. They can have strong roots, planted swiftly and surely. They’re often ready to fly in the breeze to new adventures, new lands and new friends. 

This year, the MOD are supporting the Month of the Military Child initiative and are encouraging schools to get involved to celebrate and raise awareness of the unique experiences children from an Armed Forces background may have and consider the support they offer to Service children and families. 

How can you get involved?

The MOD and Never Such Innocence are inviting Service children to get creative and participate in the Month of the Military Child by creating artwork or a poem on the dandelion, reflecting on life as a military child as part of a joint project.  

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Poster explaining how you can get involved in the Month of the Military Child

Further details on how you can get involved (including the ideas sheet below), including information on how to register for a free virtual poetry workshop for young people 8-14 years on Tuesday 12 April, are available at Month of the Military Child — Never Such Innocence. 

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Ideas on how to start your own MotMC events during April 2022.

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