Tuesday 23rd January 2024

Defence Accommodation has made the Tri-Service Accommodation regulations available to Service personnel. This means you are to see the definitive policy (JSP 464) for the provision of service family accommodation (SFA), single living accommodation (SLA) and the substitute equivalents, effective from March 2024.

Draft tri-service accommodation regulations (TSARs) – JSP 464 March 2024 ( >

New Accommodation Offer policy

Whilst the New Accommodation Offer policy will not come into effect until 11 March 2024, the draft of the new JSP 464 ‘Tri-Service Accommodation Regulations’ is being shared with Service personnel so they have access to detailed policy information to help inform any future accommodation decisions. The JSP will be re-issued as ‘live’ policy on 11 March 2024 to replace the current version of  JSP 464.

Parts 1 to 8 of the draft JSP are available on Parts 9 to 11 will cover Forces Help to Buy, the Combined Accommodation Assessment System for SFA and Four-Tier Grading for SLA – these are not being released now as the policy remains the same as under the current regulations. Part 12 will cover the complaints processes which will be published when the new policy comes into effect.

New Accommodation Offer information is available on Sway >

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