Life in the RAF survey

Thursday 14th June 2018

Our Families Federation survey for ‘Life in the RAF 2018‘ is now live and available online. Whether you are Serving or a family member, please tell us how life is for you in the RAF.

Your answers count

By sharing with us your thoughts and experiences, wherever you are in the world, you are enabling us to provide an independent voice for you.

We collect accurate and quantifiable evidence in order to provide a snapshot to Commanders and Government of the current issues to help support the delivery of future policies within Defence as a whole.

You can read the 2017 Life in the RAF report online (below) or by hard copy on request.

Life in the RAF 2017 FRONT COVER

As well as being available online, we’ll also be taking the 2018 survey out on tablets with the team(s) to Families Days so if you have time, pop and see us and get a shiny posh pen or torch by way of a thank you!

Comments so far

“Support although in theory is good, the actual on the ground support isn’t there. The military is hard pushed, not enough manpower and an already wearing thin workforce means they cannot apply the theory of support practically. Additionally there is not enough understanding at Sgt level and above for the families that are married unaccompanied (including those without children) at ranks below their own.”

“The fact that the military is changing so much, sometimes negatively, that its made us rethink and go married unaccompanied to provide stability for myself and our future family. We appreciate our time together more so.”

“Since moving into our own house I’ve received no support from the RAF, my husband went out of area for 6 months and I did not receive any welfare packages phone calls or letters. Livening 200 miles away from my husband’s based I can feel very isolated from the support the service can provide.”




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