Friday 18th December 2020

Are you pregnant and Serving? Or perhaps, you are planning to start a family? Here we share with you a guide to Maternity in the RAF – to help you understand the procedure and your entitlements.

RAF maternity policy

JSP 760 Ch 24 is the authority on maternity policy and should always be consulted.

In addition to the JSP, to help you to easily understand the support available to you in the workplace, a booklet called Maternity in the RAF: A Guide for Service Personnel has been produced. It simplifies the procedure and entitlements of maternity arrangements and presents it in an easy to digest format.

Maternity in the RAF

Use this guide for information around:

  • Explanation of Procedures and Actions
  • Explanation of Entitlements
  • Sources of Support
  • Questions and Answers

In addition, there are some helpful tools:

  • Maternity Checklist
  • Date Planner
  • Maternity Communication Plan
  • Risk Assessment Form

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