Monday 6th April 2020

An online network can be good for your mental health as well as your career. This article in the Summer edition of Envoy magazine shares more:

Remote working was on the rise in the military community even before COVID-19 made it mainstream, as more spouses are building themselves careers or businesses that can be adapted to frequent moves. Whilst this is great for your finances and your career, the impact that working at home on your own can have on your mental health can be considerable, and this is where the Military Coworking Network (MCN) comes in.

The MCN is a community of military spouses working together to help each other professionally; providing inspiration, advice and a shared network of contacts. We believe that being able to work remotely and have flexible, portable, jobs could transform our community.

As well as running a digital community we are also setting up coworking hubs on military bases; fully equipped office spaces where we can go to work and study together; recreating the professional office environment and work friends that we have often had to leave behind.

Helping reduce social isolation is one of the main things that drives us. As military spouses we are often faced with moving to a new area where we don’t know anyone.

In some areas the community support provided by friendly neighbours, toddler groups, school runs, or fitness classes can be fantastic, but none of it is work-related and you have to be a) brave enough to break in, b) at a stage in life where these things happen (if you don’t have kids it can be isolating and teenagers are not so keen on mums organising play dates), and c) in an area where people are making the effort to keep the community spirit alive and kicking.

The movement restrictions we are all experiencing have served to highlight how important our communities are. We may be isolated from each other physically, but online there is a community chatting, empathising and encouraging each other in these testing times.

The MCN online community breaks down barriers that are sometimes raised high, particularly in military life. We want to know you, not who your partner is. There is no judgement about your level of education or your lifestyle choices. You are welcomed for the input that you give to the community.

The ultimate aim of the network is to is to have a coworking hub in every military base. Imagine, instead of having to give up your job every time you move, you can take it with you because there is a hub for you to work from remotely. Where you can arrive at a new posting with a network of friends already established because you’ve connected with them online beforehand.

You can start work straight away because you have a super-fast wifi connection, and you’ve already picked up a new client or job in the area because one of the members was advertising it on the network.

This is the MCN dream!

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