Thursday 6th August 2020

Military life can sometimes be a bit lonely, can’t it? Add running your own business and a global pandemic into the equation, and there’s a chance that you will be feeling even more isolated than ever! Thankfully, there’s a growing online community, online, stuffed full of amazing Milspo business owners who always have your back.

The Milspo Business Network is a community of over 500 entrepreneurial partners of UK personnel who connect, mentor and help others to build posting-proof businesses that can survive this crazy military life.

The network has grown massively in the last two years so we wanted a new name to reflect how inclusive the network is. Milspo stands for Military Spouses, Partners and Other-halves, so you will be very welcome to join us.

The network is all about connection and collaboration, not competition, and we connect online and offline through events, training and mentoring. We have run Virtual Networking events for over a year and often organise ‘Ask the Expert’ training, business coaching and more generalised support to help us navigate through military life.

There are also opportunities to share your company, celebrate your weekly wins and support others who can learn from your business or military journey.

Milspo meetups

During the COVID crisis we have had weekly online ‘Milspo Meet-Ups’ – a chance to have a friendly chat, and check-in to make sure that the community is ok. We can’t wait to take these into real life meetings once the lockdown lifts and build on the relationships we’ve made. It’s been brilliant to spend time as a community and we’ve all made some real friends.

“Milspo has given me the support and direction I have needed to get this business up off the ground. They get it, all the trials and tribulations that come with running a business and moving every couple of years. I have made some fantastic friends and connections along the journey of creating my business and Milspo has helped engineer this – thank you.” Claire – DR ME

“Last month was my first online session and the time spent with you amazing women was invaluable! Because of Milspo I have become a leader for one of the Military Co-Working Hubs and signed the Armed Forces Covenant for my business. All within a month!” Jessica – Mommie PHD

“It’s a daily reminder that I’m not alone. Having a place where like-minded people interact and support each other is so powerful and some days I need to see other people doing great things to remind me that I too can achieve what feels like the unachievable!” Suzanne – Soul Purpose Jewellery

There’s an inspiring quote by Marian Wright Edelman that is at the heart of The Milspo Network:

“You cannot be who you cannot see.”

The Milspo Network is all about connection, no matter where you are posted. We think if you have access to others just like you, achieving their dreams despite the challenges that military life can throw, you can be inspired to do the same. We would love you to join us.

The Milspo Business Network

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