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Wednesday 25th October 2023

BFPO have added 3 Permanent overseas base locations to the free welfare mail service, in recognition that those based there are away from their families over the Christmas period.

Friends and family members of UK Service personnel based in The Falkland Islands, Ascension Islands and Diego Garcia will be able to access the MOD Christmas Families Free Mail Service at any UK Post Office/overseas Forces Post Office from 27 Oct – 24 Nov 23, after which the entitlement to a free small parcel service will cease.

BFPO numbers/locations which are additionally included within this welfare entitlement, are:

  • BFPO 485 – Diego Garcia.
  • BFPO 494 – Falkland Islands.
  • BFPO 655 – Falkland Islands.
  • BFPO 677 – Ascension Islands.
  • BFPO 678 – Ascension Islands.

Customers can post MOD Christmas Families Free Mail Service items to the above BFPO numbers/locations, if:

  • Free small parcels do not exceed 2 kg in weight.
  • Free small parcels must have a fully completed customs declaration (CN22) and customers must tick the ‘gift’ declaration box on the CN22.
  • Free small parcels don’t contain prohibited items (e.g. aerosols, shaving foam or alcohol).
  • Free small parcels must be within size limits: Minimum one surface at least 90 mm x 140 mm. Maximum length + depth + width = 900 mm width greatest single dimension not more than 600 mm (e.g. an average medium shoe box size).
  • Only relatives and friends within the UK or at BFPO overseas addresses can send free small parcels to named Service personnel and entitled MOD civilians.
  • All free small parcels must be handed in to a UK Post Office/overseas Forces Post Office and customers are advised to keep their certificate of posting.

Image by Terri Stalons from Pixabay

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