Service Family Accommodation

Thursday 17th September 2020

To ensure you avoid unnecessary charges when you March-out of Service Family Accommodation (SFA), as part of housing and accommodation month, we share the steps you need to follow.

When moving out of SFA you should ensure this process is followed:

  • Book a pre-move out appointment with Amey once you have your Assignment Order. This should be booked at least 28 days before your March-out date.
  • At the pre-march out appointment the accommodation officer (AO) will walk around your SFA with you and advise you of any steps that need to be taken to bring your property up to March-out standard. They will also talk to you at this point about the Walkaway cleaning scheme.
  • You should carry out any repairs the AO has advised you of to avoid being charged after you March-out.
  • Once completed, you can arrange the final move-out appointment (via the e1132 if moving to another SFA or occupancy services: [email protected]), where you will officially hand the keys to the property back to the AO.

Check what your responsibilities are.

Contact our Housing specialists

If you are experiencing any challenges moving out of Service accommodation contact us online in the first instance. We have two housing experts on the team who can provide advice and guidance.

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