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Friday 9th February 2024

The New Accommodation Offer booklet has been updated, version 2 is now available, providing information on the housing offer.

What is the New Accommodation Offer?

The New Accommodation Offer modernises Defence housing policy, widening the benefits to provide support to Service personnel, their families and partners in their mobile lifestyle.

Information about the new offer


A booklet explaining the New Accommodation has been produced, and simplifies the changes in the new offer.

New Accommodation Booklet Cover


A Sway website has been created, providing a single repository for information on the New Accommodation Offer. It covers the following topics:

  • Transition from the current policy to the New Accommodation Offer
  • Entitlement
  • Transitional Protection for family accommodation entitlement
  • Family Accommodation provision
  • Single Living Accommodation options
  • Support for parents with non-resident child(ren)
  • Established Long Term Relationships
  • Dual Accommodation Expense
  • Home ownership support

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