Wing Commander Mark Concarr

Tuesday 27th September 2022

Support Force Headquarters at Royal Air Force Wittering has a new Chief of Staff with the appointment of experienced logistics officer, Wing Commander Mark Concarr.

It is a return to the Cambridgeshire Station for Wing Commander Concarr (43) who was last here as the Deputy Squadron Commander for No 1 Expeditionary Logistics Squadron in 2013. But his new job as Chief of Staff, and Deputy A4 Force Commander, is an altogether more challenging and complex role.

Not only is the Chief of Staff responsible for running the entire headquarters (which includes, amongst other things, the Operations Cell, Training Cell, and Plans Offices) he is also responsible for making sure that the high-readiness engineering and logistics units that make up the Support Force can deploy to wherever they are needed, whenever they are needed.

“There is more than one element to this job; you’re managing the activities of the Force Headquarters, and co-ordinating the tasks and operational outputs of the Support Force in response to Defence need. Effectively you’re making sure that a request from Defence can be met with the necessary trained personnel and working equipment.”

Wing Commander Concarr

The RAF Support Force brings together most of the capabilities and skills needed to sustain modern air operations and exercises; specialist engineering and logistics, advanced military communications, tactical medical services, mountain rescue and music services.

Colloquially termed ‘COS FHQ’, the Chief of Staff’s job is highly sought after in Defence circles, but it requires extensive experience in military logistics and an encyclopaedic knowledge of how the RAF works. With more than twenty years of service to his credit, and tours in some of the most challenging military environments, Wing Commander Concarr is well qualified for the role.

Mark Concarr joined the RAF in 1999 and his career to date includes tours at some of the UK’s most famous Defence establishments. In addition to NATO jobs in Afghanistan and Iraq, he has served at RAF Brize Norton, RAF Wyton, MOD Bicester, RAF Waddington and Permanent Joint Headquarters at HMS Northwood.

“Logistics is the only branch in the military that can provide you with such an enormous breadth of roles and responsibilities. If anyone is considering a career in the RAF, I would always recommend logistics. For me it was a straightforward choice and has given me different challenges and experiences at every turn.”

Wing Commander Concarr

The job needs a high level of diplomacy and interpersonal skills. In his peer group, COS FHQ is the ‘first among equals’ and often the first point of contact for Air Command, the MoD, and the commanders of deployed operations. At home, Wing Commander Concarr is married with two children, and is an enthusiastic tennis player whenever the opportunity arises.

“It is great to be back at Wittering again. I know the many qualities and capabilities that the Support Force brings to Defence, so being given this job is a serious responsibility and an enormous privilege, and one that I sincerely hope I can bring some benefit to.”

Wing Commander Concarr

Image Source: Image by Mr Paul Crouch

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