Branded image of RAF FF Team member, Gregory Timlin as the new Partner Employment Policy Specialist

Thursday 1st July 2021

The RAF Families Federation now has a Partner Employment Policy specialist as part of its core team of experts to support the needs of the RAF Family.

The Families Federations have highlighted over a number of years the need to improve the employment prospects of military families. The creation of Forces Families Jobs (FFJ) website was a big step in starting to create an environment where the talents and abilities of this population was recognised. With this in mind the RAF FF has created this role in order to take the lead in this area and alongside the Employment and Training Specialists within the Naval and Army Families Federations. This is an area where the RAF Families Federation is heavily engaged, working with RAFA to sponsor the tri-service Military Coworking Network.

Gregory Timlin (pictured) joined the RAF Families Federation nearly two years ago, focusing on accommodation policy and issues, after a period struggling to find work as many spouses do with the regular moves around the country. Gregory’s wife’s postings have taken them from the Thames Valley to Cambridgeshire via Lincolnshire in a matter of a few years – and they are now in Yorkshire!  Since joining the Families Federation the speed of moves has not slowed (two postings in the last 12 months) but he has been able to keep working with us via our flexible working policies.

Gregory has worked in the public sector and a variety of private sector companies but focused on Customer Service and HR and adds:

“One of my favourite roles was working for an HR company where we helped people made redundant to succeed in the job market, retrain or move on to new and varied opportunities. This teamed with my own experiences of looking for work as a military partner are the insights and motivation I want to bring to this role.”

Contact the RAF FF for Partner Employment support

If you are a military spouse/partner of and experience any issues or concerns based around employment support, you can confidentially contact the RAF FF online in the first instance.

You can read about how we have so far helped spouses include claiming Job Seekers Allowance or find out more about who we are in general and how we can help.

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