Monday 12th November 2018

News from Amey.

On 3rd December 2018, we’ll be launching a new supply chain delivery model across the South East region of the National Housing Prime contract with the aim of providing customers with a more cohesive and efficient service.

Why the change?

Our current contractor, Bell Group, recognised they were unable to provide an appropriate level of service across our London and Kent areas and asked to return to their original operating area of Aldershot where they are currently delivering an acceptable, KPI compliant service to our Service families, carrying out response and void works. We are keen to support all our suppliers and although this request surprised us, we are working closely with them to ensure their transition out of these areas is as smooth as possible.

This presented us with an opportunity to improve our service delivery across the South East and move to three smaller contractors, local to their delivery areas, to handle routine and planned maintenance, move-in preparation and gas works.

What has changed?

In Aldershot, Bell Group will continue to deliver response and void works whilst a new supplier, Robert Heath Heating, will be responsible for all gas works. Robert Heath Heating is new to us and one of the leading independent gas heating contractors and energy specialists in the UK. They have thirty years’ experience of delivering reliable and affordable heating services and have an excellent reputation of ensuring their customer’s needs are met.

In London, we’ve split the region into two separate ones, Kent and Central/North London, appointing contractors who will have sole responsibility for each specific area. This means that our contractors will be based locally and not have to travel long distances to reach our customers, significantly reducing the time families have to wait before an engineer visits their home. They’ll also have access to spare parts which will be close at hand, meaning any return visits will be scheduled in more quickly.

In Kent, we’ve appointed SC Duncan Plumbing and Heating Ltd to carry out all response, void and gas works. They have extensive knowledge of our housing contract having worked for us via our Tier 1 supply chain partners in the past. We know they have the right skills and knowledge needed to provide our customers with an excellent service. They are familiar with the area and really do care about the communities they live and work alongside.

In Central/North London we’ve appointed Synergise to carry out all response and void activities. They already work on our additional works projects and are a trusted and reliable partner. They understand the importance of accurate scheduling and have a strong knowledge of our service delivery, our systems and our devices. Robert Heath Heating will work alongside Synergise and carry out all gas works within this area.

Finally, our Brize Norton and High Wycombe areas will continue to operate as normal with GBE delivering all response, voids and gas works as they have successfully done for the last 12 months.

Paul Woodham, Regional Manager, South East, has been managing the new model and said:

We have a lot to deliver over the next few weeks but due to the extensive planning and hard work between our commercial and operational teams we have placed ourselves in the best possible position for the transition.

Tom Silvey, Operations Director, added:

I am confident that these changes will make a real difference to our customers. We’ve appointed suppliers who understand our business and are local to the area, on improved terms, to ensure a stable and sustainable supply chain – which will provide benefits to our customers such as quicker response times and the ability to carry out any additional work in a timelier manner.”

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