The new RAF FF website

Tuesday 24th April 2018

The new website for the RAF Families Federation has gone live and we hope will continue to be one of the key places to go for the latest news within the armed forces community.

We have given our content a complete overhaul with the aim of bringing information to you in an easy to use layout; particularly for smartphone and tablet use.

Communications Manager at the Families Federation, Caroline Woodward said:

“It’s been a great opportunity to review and update our whole website content whilst very much keeping in mind our most popular pages. These have included financial information, pensions and pay rates, acronyms, overseas and deployment information for families. Surprisingly not so much on housing in recent months. New recruits have also told us they use our website to help them prepare for their new careers in the RAF and it really is very encouraging to hear them share that when we are out at events.”

Many organisations in the armed forces charity network also contact us to share their news and we send out a weekly eBulletin* to recognise that as well as key federation news, job vacancies, changes in policy etc that we feel you need to know about either as personnel, or your families.

Snapshot of the RAF FF website on a smartphone

Our surveys and access to the many reports can also be accessed easily through the website on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Feedback is welcome

Please do contact us if you feel anything is missing on this new site. We would be happy to discuss new ideas or any updates on the current content.

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As well as the website and eBulletin, Envoy magazine* is our quarterly publication and any family member or serviceman or woman can subscribe online to have copies sent home. There is no catch – it is simply there to help everyone in our community feel included.


*Both Envoy and the eBulletin have separate mailing lists and both are free to unsubscribe from, at any time and you can see our Privacy Policy to share what we do (and don’t do!) with your data.



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