Amey and DIO meet to focus on project delivery

Key representatives from Amey and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) recently held a National Housing Prime ‘Deep Dive’ meeting aimed at focusing on project delivery across the MOD housing estate.

The meeting, jointly chaired by Air Commodore Wendy Rothery, DIO Head of Accommodation, and Tim Redfern, Amey Director of Defence, provided the opportunity for both organisations to immerse themselves into all aspects of the project delivery process, from the initial identification of works right through to the final handover to our End Users.

Tom Silvey, Amey’s Operations Director (Housing) said “It’s important that meetings like this are held where Amey and DIO can really focus on the issues at hand. We have both committed to a set of joint objectives that include delivering a Year 4 programme of £85m, a year 5 programme of £75m and ensuring that our Year 6 programme is ready for consultation by May this year.”

This commitment has been made possible by the strong collaborative relationship that exists between Amey and DIO teams and a shared vision to deliver the best service we can to our Armed Forces and their families. Teams who share the same goals are motivated and encouraged to improve processes and find better and more efficient ways of working and this is proving to be the case on the National Housing Prime contract, as both DIO and Amey teams are forging ahead with new ideas to improve project delivery.

DIO Regional teams are now able to approve additional works up to the value of £15,000, freeing up DIO HQ to focus on higher value projects. Additionally, DIO and Amey project teams actively review project scopes before submission to ensure a smooth approvals process. Commercial and Finance teams have enhanced communication with each other, and with the project teams, enabling them swiftly to resolve issues and reduce the risk of potential delays in the programme.

Tim Redfern and Wendy Rothery closed the meeting acknowledging that whilst there remains much work to do, it is evident that through working collaboratively, significant progress is being made towards meeting our targets and realising our goal of achieving a strong investment in Service Family Accommodation.

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