Amey collaborates with supply chain to improve customer service

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Amey shares the outcome of their annual housing supply chain conference:

Last month, we held our annual housing supply chain conference with key representatives from our supply chain partners to recognise the positive impact that collaborative working is having on military housing and the families who live in them. The event was tailored to address how DIO, Amey and its contractors benefit from working together closely to share best practice and innovative ideas, ensuring our customers are at the heart of service delivery.

Tim Redfern, Amey’s Director of Defence, and Tom Silvey, Amey’s Operations Director (Housing), hosted the event which began with an overview of our operational performance to date. Tom thanked everyone for their commitment in helping us achieve and maintain a strong core performance across the contract which has been formally recognised by both the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and our principle stakeholders.

A section on health and safety then followed that focused on slips, trips and dog bites – the most commonly reported workplace injuries. Attendees were reminded that accidents rarely occur on more complex jobs where robust procedures are in place but are more likely to take place during routine day-to-day tasks. The team then moved on to discuss the importance of maintaining a safe and compliant estate, in accordance with the DIO’s principle objective to conform with JSP 375 Skilled Person Assessments and contract management plans for gas, legionella and asbestos.

Customer complaints are always high on the housing agenda and although we are currently exceeding our KPI of 1.5% (currently sitting at 1.39%) our plan is to receive less than 400 complaints a month by implementing the actions agreed at our Kaizen Blitz workshops, held to improve the way we deliver multi-trade tasks and Void preparation. We also committed to supporting the DIO to achieve their objective to reduce property voids through prompt Move In preparation, disposals and subletting properties as well as effectively delivering their additional works programmes.

Finally, our guest speaker from DIO, Lt. Col Robin Hall, SO1 Accommodation Plans and Requirements, delivered a short presentation entitled ‘View from the client’ which gave important insight in to DIO priorities supported by statistics from customer and client feedback, of the positive way Amey is perceived and the improvements we need to continue to make.

Tom Silvey said:

Our annual supply chain conference provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen the relationship between Amey and its suppliers, highlight successes and opportunity for improvement and drive enhanced value for DIO and ultimately Service Families. The focus this year, ‘delivering a successful contract collaboratively’ aims to improve communication and engagement to enhance service delivery for our military community.”

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