Amey improve the Walkaway scheme for Service families

We recognise the challenges that Service families can face when moving out of their Service Family Accommodation (SFA). Trying to juggle family life can be difficult, especially if you have work commitments, which is why our Walkaway scheme is there to make it even easier for families when they leave their properties.

Walkaway is a voluntary scheme that helps minimise the effort needed to achieve the Move Out standard and purchasing specific indemnities under the scheme allows families to ‘walk away’ from the property, giving them less to worry about and more time to spend on other, more important things.

We’ve listened to our customers’ feedback and over the last twelve months, have made improvements that really do benefit the families who wish to use our Walkaway scheme when moving out of their homes.

Our safe and secure online service is now available 24/7 meaning families can browse the various options of the scheme and its elements at their leisure. And when they’re ready to make a payment, they’ll receive instant confirmation – a real improvement from the previous process where families sometimes had to wait days to find out if their request had been successful.

We’ve also introduced a new package known as ‘Walkaway GO’ which provides a discounted rate for bundled elements rather than having to select individual options at full price – customers have taken full advantage of this package which has led to an increase of 5% in the first three months of introducing Walkaway GO against a background of reductions in Move Outs across the MOD estate. Overall, requests to use the scheme have increased by 27% since January 2019, compared to the same time last year.

All these improvements mean that families have a better understanding of what the Walkaway scheme is and how it can support them during the sometimes stressful experience of moving house. Full details of our Walkaway scheme can be found on our website here: Walkaway scheme

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