Amey launches plan to keep Service families warm this winter

Teams on our National Housing Prime contract have been working closely with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and our supply chain partners across the country to keep Service family homes warm and well maintained this winter.

As temperatures start to drop we have been sharing our winter campaign page and offering help and support for our Armed Forces via our social media channels to ensure that they can get their homes prepared for the winter ahead.

Our supply chains partners are leading on pre-winter briefings to refresh engineers on customer expectations, the importance of communication between us and our customers, managing follow on works, parts management and our temporary heater policy. We have weekly calls to ensure we are fully briefed on the winter plans, relevant actions complete and clear on the five day forecast to ensure resources are deployed effectively in line with our business continuity plans.

Temporary heater stocks have been checked to ensure they can meet demand and are keeping heaters in local storage on isolated estates. They will work with local welfare teams to implement a process for them to issue heaters to families if the site becomes inaccessible for engineers and properties without heating will be tracked daily to make sure families aren’t left in the cold for too long. We have reviewed our parts management processes as well as challenging our replacement cooker stock and locations where we can hold them. We want to ensure that, should our customers need them, we enough products in the right place at the right time to satisfy demand and make sure customers are not left without proper cooking and heating facilities.

Heating engineer resource levels are checked weekly to ensure that we have enough availability to manage the winter period successfully. Teams have been working with our supply chain partners to agree Out Of Hours (OOH) plans and they will be responsible for communicating this information to the team at the Customer Service Centre. To make sure that the Customer Service Centre can manage call and digital volume, there will be improved and agreed communication channels between them and our supply chain so that any issues can be resolved quickly.

Met Office alerts will be delivered to all Area Managers, Regional Managers and supply chain promptly to prepare them for any adverse weather conditions and warnings. This will be communicated on the weekly call so that they can put a plan in place to avoid any issues and keep customers updated. At times of adverse weather the team will increase levels of OOH call out staff to increase our resources and make sure we are well prepared.

Our people have also checked their equipment and tools, ensuring they have access to materials such as salt and shovels. Earlier in the year some of our engineers had to walk to jobs when their vans became stuck in the snow or estates were inaccessible. We hope that through our plan and preparations, we will be able to access more areas should they become covered in snow. To support this grit bins have been checked, and restocked as required, to help ensure the roads and pavements serving the estates are well maintained and kept safe for our customers.

Author Karen Homer, Communications Manager – Amey

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