Amey takes part in Leadership and Employer Engagement event at RAF Halton

Amey employs a number of Reservists and know that the military training they receive provides them with skills such as good communication, quick decision making and effective team work, and we are keen to learn from them to improve the service we provide to the military community.

Will Loates and Simon Hicks, our Service Delivery Area Managers, were recently provided with the opportunity to experience first-hand the training that Reservists undertake by taking part in a two day Leadership and Employer Engagement event run by RAF Halton, which is their recruit training establishment.

The event is run by the RAF to give employers of Reservists an insight into the type of leadership courses that these airmen and women undertake when they are promoted. There were over 30 people attending the event from a wide range of companies, from local councils to Defence contractors and NHS hospitals, all of whom had dealings with the MOD in one shape or another.

We asked Will about his experience of the event:

“The day began with a quick briefing from the Squadron Leader of the Leadership Development Squadron who explained the process that Non-commissioned Officers (NCOs) go through when attending the two week development course, which incidentally is a pass or fail course. If they fail, they’re back after six months to do it again. This was followed by a series of ice breaker exercises with us split into groups playing games like splat bang or giant rock, paper, scissors.

On the second day we were put through our paces using the same types of command tasks that the RAF use for their NCOs. Each task had a small scenario to go with it that was briefed out to the team. These ranged from getting small ‘radioactive’ bottles into a metal box from 5 metres away using only a selection of ropes, to suspending an ‘explosive mine’ above the ground. All parts of the task are then dissected at the end to see what went well and where improvements can be made. Emphasis is placed on the initial brief – how well the information was delivered to the team – delegation of the tasks to individuals and command and control as the task evolves.”

What did you take from the event and how will you incorporate your new skills into your role at Amey?

“The whole event was very rewarding and gave me the chance to learn new skills on the command tasks and to see how the RAF develop their staff into management and leadership roles. It was also interesting to talk to people from other companies that work with or alongside the MOD in a different capacity to Amey and to get their views on how they organise their teams and businesses – skills that I will definitely use with my team going forward.

If the opportunity arises for Amey staff to attend again, I would thoroughly recommend that they take it as they will learn a lot about themselves and how the military prepare their staff for the work they expect them to do. It was an extremely interesting insight into Reservists activity and gave me a good understanding of the important work they do.”

As part of our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant, we ensure that Reservists duties are respected and promoted and allow employees to conduct Reserve Service on top of the statutory annual leave.

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