Amey and DIO working hard to keep Service family homes warm this winter

Service Family Accommodation

Amey is working closely with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and their supply chain partners across the country to keep Service family homes warm and well maintained this winter.

As the pandemic continues, the safety of customers and employees remains their highest priority. Amey and DIO continue to review joint working practices and procedures regularly to ensure they are delivering a safe housing, maintenance and repair service to Service properties across the UK.

Safe housing practices in place

  • The workforce are kept informed with the latest HSE and Government guidelines and are ready to action any changes that arise quickly and efficiently.
  • All understand the requirement to wear face coverings when entering occupied Service Family Accommodation (SFA) and have committed to following rigorous working practices before entering military homes.
  • If work is scheduled in a property, an engineer will call ahead to confirm the time of arrival.
  • If any household members have tested positive for COVID-19 or are self-isolating it’s vital Amey is alerted beforehand so appointments can be rescheduled for when the self-isolation period has ended.

Preparing for the winter months

With winter just around the corner, Amey is focusing on helping occupants prepare their homes for the winter ahead. There will be a winter campaign page offering self-help guidance on common issues such as how to avoid frozen pipes, boiler issues and blockages in gutters and drains.

Pre-winter briefings will be held to refresh engineers on customer expectations, the importance of communication and managing follow on works. Weekly calls will be held to ensure teams are fully briefed on the winter plans, relevant actions complete and are clear on the five day forecast to ensure resources are deployed effectively in line with business continuity plans.

Measures being taken are to ensure there are enough products in the right place at the right time to satisfy demand and make sure customers are not left without proper cooking and heating facilities. Temporary heater stocks have been checked to ensure they can meet demand. Heaters will be kept in local storage and a process will be implemented that allows welfare staff to issue heaters to families if the site becomes inaccessible for engineers. Any properties without heating will be tracked daily to make sure families aren’t left in the cold for too long.

Amey has reviewed its parts management processes and recognise that due to the changing landscape of the pandemic, some products will be in shorter supply than normal meaning that certain repairs may take longer than usual. However, communication channels have been agreed and improved between affected families and the supply chain so that issues can be quickly resolved.

Equipment and tools have also been checked and grit bins have been restocked as required to ensure roads and pavements serving the estates are well maintained and kept safe.

Amey is confident that despite the continuing challenges of COVID-19, its teams will continue to demonstrate commitment to military families in ensuring service delivery remains consistent, especially during the upcoming winter months.

To contact Amey Customer Service to rearrange appointments visit the Amey website to choose the option that’s right for you.

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