Amey work on national programme to upgrade the MOD estate

Amey provide an update on a national programme to have smart meters installed in all domestic properties within the MOD estate by the end of 2020.

All done as part of the commitment to use technology to better manage and upgrade the estate on behalf of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO). Comms Specialist, Lauren Richardson at Amey shares:

Our National Housing Prime contract is currently working with its industry partner SSE to install smart meters throughout the void estate and SSE will also be working independently with their current customers to install smart meters at occupancy.

At the moment, customers are free to request a smart meter is installed by their current energy provider as part of their contract with them. This investment will be beneficial for both the customer and the environment. Once installed customers will be able to manage their energy usage more efficiently with far greater, and more detailed, feedback regarding energy use. This will then enable them to adjust their habits, lowering electricity and gas bills to save money.

Having smart meters installed will also help to reduce our environmental impact across the estate. They prevent the need for new power plants that produce greenhouse gases that substantially create pollution affecting our health. They also help curb existing greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants and reduce pollution created by vehicles driven by meter readers.

The problem the MOD estate initially faced is that many of our Service Family Accommodation have what is known as a “semi concealed” meter, meaning that the meter is part buried in concrete. However this issue was quickly resolved and revised meters for these installations have been successfully tested. These revised meters will be rolled out across the Housing estate from 2019.

Source: Amey (Tempo)

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